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Accommodations Survey

Do Your Own Survey

MRA provides you with a free, short survey (Visitor Satisfaction Survey *) that you can download to measure the Quality of Experience of your guests.  All you have to do is download the survey and make copies; then pass these copies out to guests when they arrive, or leave it in their room for them to fill out before departing.  Now you have a monitoring system that you can easily review to see how your guests are enjoying their stay and interacting with your staff.  This will make your supervisory job easier and facilitate improvements in guests satisfaction.  In the end, this should pay dividends in higher enjoyment of your facilities, better word-of-mouth, less advertising expense, higher occupancy rates, accepted higher prices and increased profits. All this from one little survey.  Please click on the link below to download the Accommodations Survey.

Download Accommodations Survey

Let MRA Help Improve Your Survey Results

If you find it necessary to identify specific trends and quantify them, MRA can input the data in our computer and provide an analysis and report that summarizes your findings with appropriate statistical information, charts and tables.  This could provide you with more factual and accurate results for presentation purposes. It is an especially effective tool for hotel/motel staff-training.  All you have to do is collect as many surveys as you can and ship the completed surveys to MRA.

Cost:  The cost for this service (i.e., analysis and written report) is as follows:

1 to 100 Completed Surveys:  $100.00

Cost for each additional one-hundred surveys:  $45.00 (e.g., 300 surveys:  $190.00)

No Hidden Costs - Handling and Return Shipping of results by ordinary mail is included. (Canadian provinces must add GST / HST.)

Schedule:  Once we have received your survey responses and payment (via bona fide purchase order, check or payment by visa), we will prepare an analysis and report of your survey responses and ship this to you within 20 days. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back:  If you are not completely satisfied, notify us within 14-days of receiving your Visitor Satisfaction Survey Results* and we will promptly refund your money.

Customized Surveys are OK Too:  You may want to customize the survey to better meet your needs.  For example; if you wish to typeset the survey in another format, perhaps adding your corporate name or logo, that is fine.  Also, you can change the present check box answers to better suit your needs, at no extra cost (just let us know what was changed when you send your completed questionnaires).  However, if you wish to add additional check boxes and/or additional questions, contact us for a custom quote.

Download Accommodations Survey

* Copyright 1993, Robin W. A. Rodger (902-425-1320)
All rights reserved.
This survey may be copied in full, with copyright information intact, without specific permission, only when used by Hotel/Motel/Resort/Inn/Bed & Breakfast Owners/Managers on a one-time basis, for one specific facility. If any other use is desired, permission in writing is required.

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