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Agri-Food and Fisheries Industries

Some past MRA projects within the agri-food and fisheries industries include:

  • 2009.  Louisbourg Fisheries.  Fish Exports to Southeast United States.  Market research and mentoring on market access. 

  • 2009.  Southwest Eco Energy.  Market and Feasibility Study for Mink By-Products Operation.  Market and product research; financial projections. 

  • 2008.  Acadian Maple Products.  Market and Feasibility Study.  Market research and financial projections. 

  • 2008.  Kings Co.  Export Database and Export Potential.  ID of potential exporters, focus groups. 

  • 2008.  Port of Halifax.  Farmers Market Random Sample Survey.  Random sample survey; market projections. 

  • 2008.  Public Works and Government Services Canada - Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Small Craft Harbours.  Marine Engineering and Construction Supply / Demand (Sector) Study.  Market interviews, data analysis, SWOT, strategic plan (with Novus Consulting Group Ltd.). 

  • 2007.  Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries.  International Product - Market Development Study for Nova Scotia Salt Fish.  Background research, travel to United States, Brazil; market interviews, samples; new strategies. 

  • 2005 - 2007.  Baby's Harvest Frozen Baby Food, Hants Co.  Market research surveys, statistical analyses and other research and planning to establish product in supermarkets.  In 2006, developed communications plan funded by NSDAF; developed successful press releases. 

  • 2005.  Bottled Water Sector / Capacity Study, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).  A global analysis of the four companies controlling the bottled water industry and resultant impact on Nova Scotia's industry capacity.  An analysis of cases for industry expansion; modernization, new products, new markets (exports), increased penetration, etc. 

  • Helrose Enterprises International Market Demand Study for Scallop Roe

  • Visser Farms (PEI) Market Demand Survey for Pelletized Energy Products and Dehydrated Vegetables

  • NS Dept. of Agriculture Strategic Marketing Plan for Exporting NS Agri-foods

  • Export Mentoring - Food Processing Equipment

  • RC Murphy Ltd. Rockweed Fertilizer Market Demand

  • Reesco Ltd. Feasibility Study of Fruit/Vegetable Freezer Storage Facility

  • DFO Evaluation of Offshore Catch and Effort Reporting

  • Evaluation of Marketing Potential of Specialized Seafood Products in European Markets

  • Biological Analysis of Iceland Scallop and Market Potential

  • Project Management of 1982 Grand Banks Exploratory Scallop Survey Including Video Production

  • Development of ICOD World Fisheries Map (2nd edition)

  • Development of Marine and Fisheries Publications for DFAIT and Canadian Marine Pub

  • North American Fresh and Dried Fig Market Demand (Federation of Agriculture)

  • Publication: "Fish Facts: An Illustrated Guide to Commercial Species"

  • Maritime (Provinces) Health and Food Consumption (Nutrition Report and Survey) for NS Dept. of Agriculture

Fisheries and Oceans Industries Books

"The Canadian Fisheries and Ocean Industries Directory"

"Canadian Fish and Seafood Exporters Sourcing Guide"

"Fish Facts:  An Illustration Guide to Commercial Species"

"A Study to Assess the Market for Scallop Roe From Canadian Fisherman"

"Exploratory Grand Banks Scallop Survey - 1982"


"World Fisheries Map"



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