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Arts and Crafts

Some past MRA projects within the arts and crafts industry include:

  • 2009.  Windward Flutes.  Flute Exports to the United States and Europe.  Market research and mentoring on market access.

  • Wards Wigwam Aboriginal Crafts Market Study and Business Plan

  • CEIC Radio-controlled airplanes US Market Demand

  • Peter Bustin Ceramic Figurines Market Demand Study

  • Fancy Glass and Crafts Tourism Market Development

  • Whatwazzit Jewelry and Gifts Market Study/Plan

  • Amherst Glass Market and Feasibility Study for Recycled Glass

  • Lunenburg Soap Handcrafted Soap Products

  • Kinderbright Wooden Educational Toys

  • Custom Wooden Furniture (Kelly's Curio Cabinets, Cottage Woodworkers)

  • Handcrafted Board Games (Pangeeah, Hunter's Challenge, Coaster To Coaster)

  • Export Market Demand and Market Plan for Mizerit Design Services

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