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Some past MRA projects within the biotechnology industry include:

  • 2007.  BioNova.  Roadmap RFP.  Research to develop terms of reference. 

  • Body Reform Cosmetics Market Demand Study for National Franchise

  • Shades of Faces Market Demand Study for Cosmetic Retailing

  • Sea-silt Based Cosmetics Production Market Study

  • Bebbington Industries Environmental Cleaning Compounds Distribution Study

  • Therapeutic Oxygenated Bath Market Demand and Market Plan

  • Biological Analysis of Iceland Scallop

  • Health Foods and Health Supplements Study (available for purchase from the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture)

  • Export Demand/Uses of Rockweed (Seaweed) for Fertilizer

  • Dehydrated Alfalfa and Vegetables for Animal Feed Feasibility Study

  • Market Demand for Composted Food and Wood Waste

  • Market and Feasibility Study for UV Water Disinfecting Unit

  • Market and Feasibility Study for Intravenous Solutions

  • BioScan Water Contamination Detection Products Market Study and Market Plan

  • Publication of "Fish Facts" Bio-technical Reference Manual of North American Commercial Fish Species

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