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Construction and Furniture Industry

Some past MRA projects within the construction and furniture industry include:


  • 2007.  Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).  Insulation Market Study; North American Projections.  Market research, market projections; report. 

  • 2005.  Window Shim.  Market Study.  New window shim product market study.

  • 2004.  Barrios Concrete.  Market Study.  Omamental concrete market study. 

  • New Dawn Enterprises Atlantic market demand for gyprock wallboard

  • F&S Manufacturing Bigfoot Footings market and feasibility study

  • F&S Manufacturing updated business plan

  • Lakeland Retreats marketing plan for retailing of vacation retreats

  • Business mentoring for decorative slate rock

  • Concrete Interlocking Pavers and Retaining Walls Market Study

  • Market demand for a Baseboard Cornerclip for house construction

  • Market Demand for Dimension Limestone and Marble

  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Market and Feasibility Study


  • Able Crafters Wood Furniture demand and plan (Atlantic Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurial award winner)

  • Kellys Curio Cabinet business mentoring and market development

  • Chedabucto Log Homes market study

  • Atlantic Region Market for Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Vanities

  • Export Market for Nova Scotia Wood Furniture (Cottage Woodworkers)

  • Grohmann Knives Market Study and Market Plan

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