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Environmental, Energy & Recycling Industry

Some past MRA projects within the environmental, energy and recycling industry include (also see biotechnology and manufacturing industries):

  • 2009.  Bear River Plastics.  Wave attenuation product innovation market and feasibility study.  Market and product research; financial projections. 

  • 2009.  Colchester Regional Development Authority (CoRDA).  Work transportation study.  Background research; surveys and interviews; market ID. 

  • 2009.  Southwest Eco Energy.  Market and Feasibility Study for Mink By-Products Operation.  Market and product research; financial projections. 

  • 2008.  Nova Scotia Department of Energy.  Offshore Suppliers Global Export Plan.  Market research on-site in Houston and Florida; global market research; strategic plan (with Novus Consulting Group Ltd.)

  • 2004.  Water-Inflated Flood Dam Pol-E Mar Co., Dartmouth.  Worked with innovations lab at "TUNS" to research new product potential of an environmentally friendly flood control product.  Research into principles of flood control, market research, demand projections and preliminary financial feasibility. 

  • Shaw (Delta) Plastics Feasibility of Plastic Lumber Manufacturing

  • East Coast Specialty Hardwood Market Demand for Pressed Fire Logs

  • McLaughlin Enterprises Wood Pellet Manufacturing Feasibility Study

  • Scott Paper and Dianne LeBlanc Feasibility Study for Composted Food and Waste Paper (with Walter Temeer, Agronomist)

  • NSP Consumer Satisfaction Survey

  • Enviro-logo Approved Cleaners and Detergents Distribution Feasibility Study

  • Amherst Glass (Recycled glass for Decorative Products)

  • Recycled Electronic Parts for Jewelry

  • Oil Yeller Leak Detection System Market Study/Plan

  • Oil Refinery Monitor/Logger/Controller Equipment Market Study

  • Offshore Inspection and Testing Services Market Study/Plan

  • Water-inflated Flood Control Barriers

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Marketing Directory

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