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International (Export) Market Research & Planning

Export Marketing - United States

US export market experience includes categories as diverse as design services, tourism, wood and furniture products, construction materials, software, toys and games, crafts, feature film research, food and beverage studies, fisheries studies and a host of consumer retail items. Some representative studies include:

  • 2009.  Lousibourg Fisheries.  Fish Exports to Southeast United States. 

  • 2008.  Kings Co.  Export Database and Export Potential.  ID of potential exporters, focus groups. 

  • 2007.  Nova Scotia Business Inc.  (NSBI) / Nova Leather.  Market Match in New England.  Recruitment and scheduling. 

  • 2006.  Stark Oil, New Glasgow.  Investigation of requirements for exporting services to the United States.  Appraising export literature, interviews with lawyers and United States Customs and Immigration; feasibility analyses. 

  • Nova Scotia Agri-foods New England Export Strategy - An umbrella strategy for exporting all categories of food products (commodities, raw fruits and vegetables, prepared foods and beverages) to New England. This report is available for purchase from the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Agriculture.

  • MRA was retained on a 6-month contract by Tradex Ltd. to travel throughout the United States and develop dealerships for the Tuc Tow product (a patented lift and towing device for pickup trucks 1/2 ton and larger.)

  • MRA travelled to Boston, New York and Toronto to research markets for Nova Scotia design services (for Mizerit Design).

  • MRA surveyed swimming pool owners in Georgia and California to evaluate the market for a Nova Scotia manufactured ultra-violet water disinfecting product (Terminator Inc.). MRA also directly interviewed Pool and Spa Suppliers in these cities.

  • MRA produced the Cape Breton Marina Export Strategy to attract US sail boaters (for 9 marina operators in Cape Breton). A survey of approximately 400 US recreational boat owners was conducted.

  • MRA researched US markets to assess the demand and develop a market plan for penetrating the market for a Nova Scotia patented concrete footer product (The Bigfoot) for F&S manufacturing.

  • MRA mentored one of Nova Scotia's largest suppliers of automotive machinery on exporting to the US.

  • MRA attended three boat shows in the US, interviewing key personnel and testing proposed strategies before developing an Export Growth Plan for the Boatbuilding Industry in Atlantic Canada.

Export Marketing - Offshore

In a recent Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency study, MRA reviewed the export activities of 10 Nova Scotia companies planning to, or already, exporting to the Caribbean region and another 10 companies planning to, or already, exporting to Europe. These companies included food processors, construction and housing materials, pewter, wood/paper/packaging products, high-tech and bio-tech products and services and specialized consulting services (including marine and internet services). Some of MRA's other major projects include:

  • 2009.  Windward Flutes.  Flute Exports to the United States and Europe.  Market research and mentoring on market access.

  • 2008.  Kings Co.  Export Database and Export Potential.  ID of potential exporters, focus groups. 

  • 2007.  Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI).  Development of database for Nova Scotia metal working companies.  Research and evaluation to identify appropriate metal working categories and company capability fields; research to identify qualifying companies; database.  Setting eligibility and research criteria; in-depth data collection; focus group; database construction and reporting. 

  • 2006.  Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI).  Trade mission research and development assisted with recruitment for various NSBI trade missions.  Systematic export communications; commitment estimates; close collaboration with client; recruitment. 

  • 2006.  South Shore Ready Mix.  Export Marketing.  Research on Caribbean and European markets. 

  • 2005.  Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Export Growth Plan, Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association
    (NSBA).  Development of export market strategy for Nova Scotia Boatbuilders; including branding, promotion budget and implementation.  Infrastructure inventory, surveys, interviews, travel to markets, data collection, statistical analysis, SWOT, recommended strategy. 

  • MRA was retained by the Canadian Embassy in Denmark, through a Program for Export Market Development (PEMD) grant, to represent the whole of the Canadian marine and fisheries industries through its publication of the Canadian Fisheries and Ocean Industries Directory at the Copenhagen World Fisheries and Oceans Exhibition.

  • MRA evaluated the market demand for Nova Scotia spa and tourism products in Germany (Amherst Resort Hotel and Springhill Resort Hotel and Spa). Research was conducted on-site throughout West Germany.

  • MRA has conducted several studies in the international film industry looking at the feasibility of Nova Scotia soundstages and film products. Research included several trips to Los Angeles and New York, as well as one trip to Cannes, France.

  • MRA evaluated the European market for Nova Scotia produced ceramic products. Research included travel to the UK (Royal Doulton Plant) and Germany.

  • MRA was retained by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) for a Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of Exporting Scallop Roe to Europe. Research was conducted on-site in the UK, France, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. (Project Report 33, Scotia Fundy Region- available from DFO.)

  • MRA researched the Caribbean Market for Nova Scotia produced fruit drinks.

  • MRA researched the Japanese market for a Canadian - produced oxygenated bath.

  • MRA researched worldwide markets for Canada's largest supplier of food processing equipment. 

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