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Atlantic Canada Guide to Export Marketing, Vol. 2

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In Volume 1 of this series we discussed some general issues on export requirements and competitiveness, choosing export products and markets and some general export market factors that will be of concern.  We also provided details on sources of information for potential exporters.  These essentials should assist in determining if export markets seem worth pursuing.

In this section we continue along the export preparation route by examining markets and production readiness in more detail. For reasons of simplicity, the US export market has been chosen to exemplify sample export transactions. Other markets and entry strategies will be examined later. Atlantic Canada presently trades primarily with the United States (82%); a trend that has been increasing since the Free Trade Agreement in 1989. As noted in Volume 1, this seemingly high dependence on trade with the US is understandable, given proximity and commonality factors.  For new exporters in Canada, it represents the natural starting point before branching out into other export markets.

The purpose of this Guide is to assist Atlantic exporters and potential exporters (individuals and firms) in identifying new products and new strategies and preparing for export.  In doing so, the next chapters focus on the following topics:

  1. Examining Export Opportunities in the United States

  2. Reviewing General Strengths and Weaknesses of Exporting from  Atlantic Canada

  3. Developing General Market Entry Strategies

  4. Making the Export Sale

  5. Executing the Export Sale

Export marketing can take many forms; for example, direct distribution, product licensing, joint venture partnerships and investment in a foreign country. Moreover, the differences in the marketing of goods and services and the challenges of different cultures and languages call for different strategies and tactics. To simplify considerations, the author of this Guide chose to focus primarily on entering the US export market, through a distributor, as many of the lessons learned here can be transferred to other export market situations. In this volume, we are also primarily focused on the marketing of goods, rather than services, in US markets. The information was meant to complement existing export information produced by governments and export organizations, not duplicate it.

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Atlantic Canada Guide to Export Marketing Volume 2, Preparing for Export to US Markets is published by Canadian Marine Publications, P.O. Box 34097, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3J 3S1.

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