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Some past MRA projects in the industrial sector include:

  • 2009.  Guysborough Co.  RDA.  Investment Strategy.  FDI research, SWOT, strategic plan. 

  • 2009.  Bear River Plastics.  Wave Attenuation Product Innovation Market and Feasibility Study.  Market and product research; financial projections. 

  • 2008 - 2009.  CREDA.  5 Year Investment Attraction Plan.  FDI research, SWOT, strategic plan (with Nova Group). 

  • 2008.  Acadian Maple Products.  Market and Feasibility Study.  Market research and financial projections. 

  • 2008.  EIPAS Ltd. (Carry-Yak).  Market Study for a New Kayak / Canoe Carrying Device.  Market research, focus groups, market projections. 

  • 2008.  Nova Scotia Department of Energy.  Offshore Suppliers Global Export Plan.  Market research on-site in Houston and Florida; global market research; strategic plan (with Nova Group). 

  • 2007.  Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency  (ACOA).  Insulation Market Study; North American market projections.  Market research, market projection; report. 

  • 2007.  Nova Scotia Business Inc.  (NSBI).  Development of database for Nova Scotia metal working companies.  Research and evaluation to identify appropriate metal working categories and company capability fields; research to identify qualifying companies; database.  Setting eligibility and research criteria; in-depth data collection; focus groups; database construction and reporting. 

  • 2005 - 2007.  Baby's Harvest Frozen Baby Food, Hants Co.  Market research surveys, statistical analyses and other research and planning to establish product supermarkets.  In 2006, developed communications plan funded by NSDAF; developed successful press releases. 

  • 2005.  Bottled Water Sector / Capacity Study.  A global analysis of the four companies controlling the bottled water industry and resultant impact of Nova Scotia's industry capacity.  An analysis of cases for industry expansion; modernization, new products, new markets (exports), increased penetration, etc. 

  • 2005.  Window Shim.  Market Study.  New window shim product market study. 

  • 2004.  Barrios Concrete.  Market Study.  Omamental concrete market study. 

  • 2004.  Wood Truss Sector / Capacity Study.  Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).  Supply and demand (including exports) analysis of the wood truss sector in Atlantic Canada and New Brunswick.  Demand analysis based on:  interest and mortgage rates, population growth, income growth and exchange rates. 

  • Southwest Shore Regional Development Plan (All Economic Sectors)

  • Can Van Ind. Ltd. Feasibility Study of Camper Van Manufacture

  • Acadian Industries Ltd Feasibility Study of Innovative Lift-tow

  • Atlantic Hydraulics Ltd. Market Demand Study for Hydraulic Cylinders

  • G. O'Hara Horizontal Hardchroming Feasibility Study

  • Continental Plastics Feasibility Study for Packaged Intravenous Solution

  • Barkley Systems Metal Filing Cabinets Feasibility Study

  • Flossy Sac Feasibility Study (Dental Floss)

  • Scotia West Aviation Feasibility of Establishing a Cargo Airline Service

  • Rebuilt Automobile Engines Market Demand Study

  • Parrsborough Metal Market Demand and Market Plan for Exercise Equipment

  • Terminator U-V Water Disinfecting Market Surveys, Feasibility Study

  • Minnow Keep Ice-Fishing Tackle Market Demand

  • Market Demand and Business Plan for Reflective Eye-Glasses

  • Market Demand for Rebuilding OTR and Passenger Tires

  • Market Demand for a Truck Bedliner Rake

  • Windguard Motorcycle Protection System Market Demand Study

  • Export Mentoring of Industrial Machining Equipment

  • Canso Wooden Boatyard Feasibility Study (with McFawn Rogers)

  • Acadia Sawmills Ltd. Feasibility of Mobile Sawmill

  • Nova Scotia Wood Cabinet Capacity Study

  • Dimension limestone and decorative slate rock quarry development and market analysis

  • Market demand for water-inflated flood control barriers

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