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Industry Experience

Market Research Associates Ltd. (MRA) personnel have worked in most major economic sectors in Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland). A few representative projects in each sector are itemized below.  (Categories can be accessed for additional information.)

  • Agri-food (fresh/frozen/dehydrated/canned fruits and vegetables; prepared foods, beverages; composts and fertilizers)

  • Arts and Crafts  (ceramics, stained glass, crafts, jewelry, hobbies)

  • Beverage (bottled water, oxygenated water, soft drinks, liquor, fruit drinks, beverage testing)

  • Biotechnology (soap/cleaning products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, health supplements)

  • Construction (concrete footings, modular homes, concrete pavers, gyprock wallboard, log homes, concrete roof tiles)

  • Environmental, Energy, and Recycling (wood pellets, compressed firelogs, recycled glass and plastics for home products use)

  • Export Experience (Click for Sample Projects and Publications)

  • Film, Video, and Entertainment (film production, film processing, live theatre, air show, soundstage)

  • Fisheries (fresh/frozen, fish/shellfish products; seaweed fertilizers; fisheries statistics)

  • Food (prepared foods/HRM, restaurants, frozen baby food, fast food, blanched vegetables, dehydrated foods, Mexican foods)

  • Forestry and Natural Resources (dimension rock, decorative rock, pulp and paper production, mobile sawmill)

  • Furniture (wood furniture/cabinets, metal cabinets, outdoor furniture, wall corners, household knives)

  • Healthy Alternatives - Supplement Research

  • Manufacturing (heavy equipment, auto accessories and rebuilt engines, boats, tires, metal fabrication, general industrial processing)

  • Publications (directories, databases, reports, books, videos, telephone directories)

  • Retail and Miscellaneous (shopping malls, retail surveys, consumer surveys, industrial surveys)

  • Services (offshore services, design services, legal, plumbing, hydraulics/hardchroming)

  • Software Development (digital imaging, computerized reservation systems, database programs, monitors/logger/controllers, entertainment systems)

  • Tourism and Hospitality (hotel/motel, resorts, spas, golf courses, boatyards, marinas, museums)

  • Toys and Games (board games, educational products)

In addition to the above, MRA has marketing research experience in such diverse fields as: labor market surveys, aviation tourism, intravenous solution, fish/shellfish handling equipment, exercise equipment, air cargo services, pelletized feedstocks, freezer storage, optical equipment, apple and fig products, public park development, strategic market plans and regional economic planning. 

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