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Market Surveying

MRA has conducted marketing projects across a wide spectrum of government, industry and small business clientele since 1984. Surveys, both random and non-random, constitute a major part of most marketing projects. A high percentage of these incorporate an element of primary data collection with sample sizes sufficient to provide a high level of statistical probability. In addition, MRA often collects company information for various database uses (e.g., directories, direct mail, record keeping). MRA uses Survey Pro®, MS Access® and MS Excel® software to classify data and present statistical information.

Collection procedures include:

  • Door-to-Door

  • Internet Surveys

  • Mall and Street Intercept

  • Random Sample Telephone Surveys

Recent large scale survey projects utilizing statistical probability include:

  • Colchester Regional Development Agency (CoRDA).  Work Transportation Study.  Background research; surveys and interviews; market ID.  2009. 

  • Farmers' Market Random Sample Survey.  Random sample survey; market projections.  2008. 

  • Nortek Resource Solution Inc.  Stumpage Survey.  Market surveys and analysis.  2008 - 2009. 

  • Waegwoltic Club.  Satisfaction Survey.  Random sample and report.  2006 - 2007. 

  • Halifax Crime Survey: February 2002

  • United States Sailboat Owners Survey: March 2002

  • Nova Scotia Exporters Survey: April 2002

  • Recreational Club Membership Survey: August 2002

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