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Marketing Communications Services

MRA's marketing services fall under three major categories, marketing research, marketing planning and marketing communications. MRA uses such marketing communication tools as desktop publishing, document management, database communications, customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys and graphical tools (e.g., charts and graphs). The marketing communications materials/services are described below.

Communication and Marketing

  • Market Analysis

  • Market Planning

  • Creative Development

  • Implementation

  • Assessment/Evaluation

  • Media Relations Training and Coaching

  • Marketing and Event Management

Writing Services

  • Materials (e.g., brochure, newsletters)

  • Services (e.g., review of existing materials, client briefings)

  • Translations

Graphic Services (e.g., creative consultation, typesetting, website design)

General Public Relations and Creative Services (e.g., public relations counselling, media relations, conference/seminar/event planning)

Photographic Services (e.g., photographs, slides and/or transparencies)

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