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Market Research Associates Limited (MRA) is a 100% Canadian-owned corporation that started up in 1984 and was incorporated under the laws of Nova Scotia in 1986. It is now one of the oldest, independent market research consulting firms in Atlantic Canada. The company has developed an excellent reputation for the quality and thoroughness of its work and many of our reports have been published in print, or online, by various Government Departments over the years.

MRA works with both large organizations and small companies to identify and evaluate opportunities and/or develop long term strategies. The nature of the work spans the Atlantic Region business environment: marine and boating or shipbuilding; offshore and renewable energy; agri-food and fisheries; forestry and value-added wood products; natural resource products (such as slate, limestone, gyprock, thermal waters, maple syrup, etc.); tourism and hospitality; general manufacturing, film and video production, arts and crafts, landscaping and construction; home-building and furniture products; biotechnology products, etc.

Most MRA projects usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Design, research, analyses, strategic/tactical implementation and marketing of projects, products and businesses based upon considerations of revenue, expense, profit, and overall marketability and feasibility - 25 years.

  • Economic Development; Opportunity Identification; Strategic Planning. 

  • Industry Sector Studies and Program and Project Evaluations.

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plans (often for investment purposes).

  • Export Marketing Studies.

  • Database Development - information collected for databases and directories.

  • Market Surveys and Statistical Analysis.

  • Marine-related research (Canadian Marine Publications is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MRA).

MRA uses such tools as interviews, focus groups, statistical analysis, surveys, strategic planning analysis, economic impact analysis, image and product testing, controlled structural association testing and Survey Pro®, Market Research® and various other software programs in its analyses to develop sound reports and strategic plans. Most of our contracts are substantively consultative in character. While smaller public-opinion polling projects are sometimes conducted in-house, we usually refer major survey projects to call centers.

All studies and reports are reviewed and approved by a certified management consultant before submission to the client. The company has now, or in the past, had standing offer contracts with the Nova Scotia Government, NSBI, ACOA (CAS, export mentoring), ECBC and PWGSC. High quality references are available from the several provincial government departments: 1) Department of Fisheries, 2) Department of Agriculture, 3) Department of Energy; as well as NSBI and ACOA.  MRA has conducted all its banking with  Scotiabank, Scotia Square Branch, since 1986.

For additional information on company background and experience see Industry Experience and Public Sector Projects sections on the menu.


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