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Public Relations and Publicity

Planned and unplanned, but not biased (i.e, credible)

“Any form of non-paid significant news or editorial comment about ideas, products or institutions.

News is:  New, Unusual, Innovative, An Improvement, Dramatic/Emotional

Methods:  press releases, press conferences, photographs, letter to editor/editorials

Publicity helps achieve a communications strategy (using resources to achieve goal):  Communications Strategy in General (Inform, Persuade, Remind)

Developing a Communications Strategy:

  • Assess Marketing Communications Opportunities (external/internal)                          

  • Look for changes in economy, technology, legal/political, social/culture

  • Awareness of dissatisfactions, differentiation for separate markets

  • Awareness of Misinformation                                                

  • Analyze Marketing Communication Resources (Distinctive Competence)

  • Set Marketing Communications Objectives (What message do we want to impart?)

  • Hierarchy of Objectives in Organization and Communications. Define objectives such as...

    • “To achieve a 50% level of awareness in the defined market"

    • “To achieve a favorable attitude in 50% of the defined market"

    • “To achieve a certain response in 50% of the defined market"

  • General:  clarify needs, increase awareness/knowledge, improve image, stimulate action, improve cooperation, improve financial position

  • Develop and Evaluate Alternative Market Communication Strategies (pros/cons)

  • Choose Strategy(ies) and Assign Specific Marketing Communication Tasks

  • Define specifics of message (packaging, media) 

  • Work with public (e.g., school videos) and media to get message heard and in print.

  • Evaluation is in terms of meeting objectives.                            


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