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The following are original reports intended for general audiences that can be purchased off-the-shelf from MRA.  Lengths vary from 1 page summaries to 30 pages or more and are individually priced depending upon content. A free summary of longer reports is available upon request.  Some reports are already priced, or request a quote. A full report can be e-mailed as an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf format) upon receipt of direct payment or a Purchase Order Number from a creditable establishment. (Additional information may be obtained from "clicking" publications on the right side panel.)


  • Mobile Sawmill Operations Feasibility

  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Compressed (Densified - no wax) Fire Log Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Submerged Log Lumber Markets


  • Gyprock Wallboard Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Dimension Limestone Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Slate Rock Market

  • Ornamental Concrete Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Plastic Lumber Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturing Feasibility 

  • Log Home Market

  • Concrete Pavers Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Roof Truss Market

  • North American Market for Windows and Doors

  • Overview of the  Concrete Roof Tiles Market

Household Goods:

  • Outdoor Wood Furniture Market

  • Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Vanity Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Wood Furniture Market

  • Household and Other Knives Marketing

Tourism and Hospitality:


  • Compost Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Market Study for Seaweed (Rockweed) Fertilizer

  • Commercial Freezer Storage Feasibility

  • Alfalfa Dehy Market

  • The Coming Food Revolution

Food and Beverage:

  • Fresh Fig Agriculture and Marketing in Temperate Climates

  • Apple Products Market

  • Mexican Food / Taco Manufacturing

  • Blanched French Fries Market

  • Home Replacement Meals (HRM) Market

  • Restaurant Market

  • Bottled Water Market

  • Baby Food Market

  • Fruit Juice Market

  • Beer Market

  • Beverages Market

  • Health Foods Market

Medical, Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical:

  • Intravenous Solution Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Compost Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Water Contamination Detection Feasibility

  • Ultra-violet (UV) Water Disinfecting Feasibility

  • Oxygenated Water Market

  • Therapeutic Spa Market

  • Handcrafted Soaps Market

Film Industry:

  • Film Market Study and Business Plan

  • Soundstage Market Study and Business Plan

Environmental and Recycling:

  • Recycled Glass Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Recycled Plastic Lumber Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Environmentally-friendly (Enviro-logo Approved) Cleaning Products

Auto Industry:

  • Rebuilt Engine Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Rebuilt Tire Manufacturing Feasibility

Miscellaneous Reports:

  • Board Game Markets

  • Metal Filing Cabinet markets

Fisheries - Consult Fish Facts Guide; also - see below

Additional Publications:

MRA Publications and Productions (out of print or not for sale):

  • 1989. "Canadian Fisheries and Ocean Industries Directory," Maritime Ocean Resources

  • 1987-1991. "The Canadian Fish and Shellfish Exporters Directory," - 1st, 2nd, 3rd editions (A publication produced for the Dept. of External Affairs)

  • MRA: 1991. "Fish Facts: An Illustrated Guide to Commercial Species," published by Van Nostrand Reinholdt, NY, NY

  • 1982. "Exploratory Scallop Survey," 22 min. video documentary produced for DFO by MRA/Techcom Associates (Script Writer, Director)

  • 1983. "Shearwater Airshow," 15 min. video documentary produced for the air show by MRA/Techcom Associates (Director)

  • August 1982. "Training and Development in the 1980s," Canadian Vocational Journal

  • MRA: 1986. "Model for Retail Development"

  • MRA: 1989. "Model for Personal Selling"


"The Fisheries of North America"


"The Coming Food Revolution"


"Tall  Ships, Pirates and Treasure in Nova Scotia"

"Introduction to Exporting"


"Preparing for Export to US Markets"


"Directory of International Trade Consultants in the Eastern US and UK"

"The Canadian Fisheries and Ocean Industries Directory"

"Canadian Fish and Seafood Exporters Sourcing Guide"

"Fish Facts:  An Illustration Guide to Commercial Species"

"A Study to Assess the Market for Scallop Roe From Canadian Fisherman"

"Exploratory Grand Banks Scallop Survey - 1982"


"World Fisheries Map"


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