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Business Plans

Projected financial feasibility usually based on market information and your specific plans for moving ahead (e.g., plant location, management structure, market plan).

Database Management

A software tool for enhanced market definition and communication programs.


A tool designed to enhance the present marketing strategy. MRA can also provide recommendations and/or perform web design.

Evaluations & Opportunity Identification

Criteria setting and measurement, including short-term and long-term considerations.

Healthy Alternatives - Supplement Research

International (Export) Market Research and Planning

In the international arena, MRA can offer competitive quotes on market introductions, market research, market planning and market surveys.

Market & Feasibility Studies

Research and market planning for new and/or expansion projects, products and businesses based on considerations of revenue, expense, profit, and overall project marketability and feasibility.

Marketing Communication Services

MRA can develop/create print materials (e.g., promotion materials, advertising, writing services, publications). Also, other services include; video, photography, event planning, presentations (e.g., using computer software) and translations.

Marketing Plans & Strategic Market Plans

Posing alternatives and making recommendations on a short-term and long-term basis.

Primary Research

  • Market surveys, including random sample public opinion polls.

  • Industrial research surveys, investigations and pricing surveys.

  • Economic impact analysis based on primary research.

  • Focus group studies.

Secondary Research

Analyses of published reports and statistical information.

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