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Software Industry

Some past MRA projects in the software industry include:

  • 2007.  Nova Scotia Business Inc.  (NSBI).  Development of database for Nova Scotia metal working companies.  Research and evaluation to identify appropriate metal working categories and company capability fields; research to identify qualifying companies; database.  Setting eligibility and research criteria; in-depth data collection; focus group; database construction and reporting. 

  • Burling Communication US Market Demand for CD-ROM Entertainment Systems

  • Femto Electronics Market Demand for Electronic Monitor/Logger/Controller

  • Paragon Systems/Guestchecks Demand for Computerized Hospitality Systems

  • Mentoring and Market Plan for Transfer Time Digital Imaging

  • MT&T and NBTel Paging Systems Consumer Market Trial and Market Projection

  • Database Development Projects (e.g., Directories, Direct Communication Programs)

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