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Strategic Marketing Planning, Opportunity ID and Evaluation Projects

Many of MRA's marketing projects require identification of market size, trends, competition, product appeals, pricing, promotion, distribution and other factors - usually for new products or companies. A market plan for such projects usually delineates the approach to penetrating the target markets identified in the market study. Strategic marketing planning, however, usually addresses the needs of existing entities and is aimed at doing better things rather than just doing things better. This type of evaluation requires a thorough analysis of the organization's situation (strengths, weaknesses, problems, threats and opportunities) as well as goal setting and analysis of alternatives to develop short-term and long-term plans. Opportunity identification is one of the outcomes of the evaluation process.

  • 2009.  Guysborough Co.  RDA.  Investment Strategy.  FDI research, SWOT, strategic plan. 

  • 2008 - 2009.  CREDA.  5 Year Investment Attraction Plan.  FDI research, SWOT, strategic plan (with Novus Consulting Group Ltd.). 

  • 2008.  Nova Scotia Department of Energy.  Offshore Suppliers Global Export Plan.  Market research on-site in Houston and Florida; global market research; strategic plan (with Novus Consulting Group Ltd.). 

  • 2008.  Public Works and Government Services Canada - Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Small Craft Harbours.  Marine Engineering and Construction Supply / Demand (Sector) Study.  Market interviews, data analysis, SWOT, strategic plan (with Novus Consulting Group Ltd.)

  • 2007.  Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries.  International Product - Market Development Study of Nova Scotia Shellfish.  Background research, travel to the United States, Brazil; market interviews, samples; new strategies. 

  • NS Dept. of Agriculture strategic plan for exporting NS agri-foods

  • Town of Trenton Park strategic marketing plan (with Gordon Ratcliffe Architects)

  • Town of Bridgewater economic impact of new mall development (with Gordon Ratcliffe Architects)

  • Mountain Gap Inn, strategic marketing plan and supervision of implementation

  • Southwest Shore RDA Preliminary Development Plan

  • Grohmann Knives Ltd. market demand and market plan

  • Evaluation of Dealmaker '95 Conference

  • ICOD Model Evaluation Project - World Fisheries Map

  • NS Dept. of Agriculture/Avon Foods New England Applesauce Market

  • Visser Farms (PEI) Market demand for pelletized energy products and dehydrated vegetables

  • Evaluation of offshore catch and effort reporting (DFO)

  • Evaluation of marketing potential of specialized seafood products in European markets

  • Project Management of 1982 Grand Banks Exploratory Scallop Survey including video production

  • Guysborough Opportunity Identification Study

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