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Robin Rodger, MBA, FCMC, President, Senior Marketing Analyst and Project Leader

Mr. Rodger has more than 25 years experience as a full time management consultant - marketing specialty. He has supervised more than 150 major research projects that span almost all industrial sectors and types of assignments. He has also authored several books in fisheries and marine subjects; as well as on agri-food marketing and exporting. Mr. Rodger takes the lead in all MRA projects.

Michele O'Neill, B Comm, Project Administrator

Ms. O'Neill's background includes both market development and financial analysis, including 2 years of audit experience in a chartered accountant firm. Her 20 years of marketing and financial experience has brought her into close contact with entrepreneurs. Michele joined MRA in 1998 and worked as a research assistant and office supervisor on both the MRA Cape Breton Marina Study and the NSBI Exporter Identification Study. Ms. O'Neill assists with project administration, interviewing, and client liaison.

Tom Forrest, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Database Developer

Mr. Forrest has worked with MRA since the early 1990's, primarily in specialized programming areas, but also as a resource person for science projects (e.g., oxygenated water, health and nutrition, UV water disinfecting) that MRA has been involved in.

Janet Forrest, MBA, Ph.D.-Business Administration, Biotech and Joint Venture Analyst

Ms. Forrest has worked on many MRA projects (e.g., offshore inspection services, frozen baby food, labor market surveys). Her Ph.D. thesis focused on joint venture partnerships in biotech industries. Her knowledge of chemistry combined with her business background makes her an excellent researcher in the biotech field.

Bob Hanna, B Comm

Bob Hanna has a background in economic development having worked with The Center for Entrepreneurship Education and Development in several capacities following a five-year experience as Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Association of Community Business Development Corporations. Previously, Bob served a twenty-seven year career with the Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development where he held positions dealing with: commercial lending and incentives; rural community economic development (in the north-east regions); the NS Venture Capital Program and other diverse activities.  Joining MRA in 2008, his experience includes: Work Transportation Study (CORDA); Guysborough Co. Investment Study, Cape Breton Marina Study.

Bharat (BJ) Joshi, MSc, Phd (presently in absentia)

Bharat (BJ) joined MRA seven years ago, and has since become an integral part of the organization and a skilled researcher and statistician. His experience includes the following projects:

• Port of Halifax Atlantic Farmers’ Market Usage and Demand Projection
• Maritime Stumpage Surveys for the Nova Scotia Forestry Products Industry
• European and US Recruitment - Canadian Association of Prawn Producers New
Product Study
• Assistant Interviewer and statistician on the Atlantic Canada Shippers
Directory project
• Interviewer on the Bridgewater Marina Feasibility and Economic Impact
• Lead Statistician on the “Strategic Review of Promising Sectors” Study for
• Lead Statistician for the book The Commercial Fisheries of the United
States and Canada (3rd ed)
• Lead Statistician and graphics for the Maritime Lobster Panel Report
2013 ... and many others

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