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Tourism and Hospitality Projects

Some past MRA projects within the tourism and hospitality industry include:

  • 2012. Marine Tourism Demand and Economic Feasibility Study of a new Bridgewater Marina.

  • 2010. Cape Breton Marine Tourism Capacity Study and Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan for Economic Development of the Cape Breton marina sector.

  • 2010 Antigonish RDA, FDI Study Sectors, including Tourism

  • 2009 Guysborough County RDA, FDI Study Sectors, including Tourism.

  • EIPAS Ltd. (Carry-Yak).  Recreational Tourism and Market Demand for a new Kayak / Canoe Carrying Device.  Market research, focus groups, market projections.

  • 2008. Acadian Maple Syrup.  Market and Feasibility Study of Culinary Tourism Demand for a Maple Syrup Processing and Retail Facility (cruise ship and bus tourism demand) - awarded Federally-competitive Agri-tourism grant 

  • Granite Springs Golf Course Market and Feasibility Study, including Tourism Demand

  • Belmont Resort and Golf Course Development Strategy Study (with McFawn & Rogers Architects

  • Bridgetown Motor Inn market analysis

  • Mountain Gap Inn, Phase 1 - strategic marketing plan development

  • Mountain Gap Inn, Phase 2 - strategic marketing plan implementation

  • Kedge Park Resort Market and Feasibility Study (with McFawn & Rogers Architects)

  • Lakeland Retreats Recreation Land Development and Promotion

  • Southwest Shore RDA Preliminary Development Plan - including Tourism

  • Update of Feasibility of Nova Scotia Cruise-ferry (Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture)

  • Market Demand and Market Plan for Development of Private Aviator Tourism (TIANS)

  • Skye Motel (Travel Lodge) Market Development Plan

  • Airport Hotel, Sydney, market demand for fixed roof accommodations

  • Cape Breton Marina Study 2002 (with McFawn & Rogers Architects)

  • Canso Boatyard Feasibility Study (with McFawn & Rogers Architects)

  • Mahone Bay Boat Museum Preliminary Feasibility Study

  • Halifax Airport Hotel Image Survey

  • Budget Hotel, Sydney, feasibility of fixed roof accommodations

  • Dartmouth Budget Motel market demand for fixed roof accommodations

  • Amherst Resort feasibility study

  • Springhill Resort and Spa, feasibility study

  • Scott Motel Market Study

  • Town of Trenton Steeltown Centennial Park opportunity identification and strategic marketing plan (with Gordon Ratcliffe Architects)

  • Town of Bridgewater economic impact of new mall development (with Gordon Ratcliffe Architects)

  • City of Halifax Downtown Development Surveys (with Gordon Ratcliffe Architects)

  • Highland Village Market Mentoring

  • Guysborough (Town) Opportunity Identification Study

  • MRA Quality of Experience Surveys

  • RITC Tourism Operators Sales Training Program

  • Sales Training for Recreational Land Development

See Sample Accommodations Survey.

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